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YourPosition: Home > Lusheng Minority Festival Tour

Lusheng Minority Festival Tour

Duration: 10

Destination: Guiyang, Anshun, Kaili, Rongjiang, Zhaoxing

Highlights: Huangguoshu Waterfall, Tianlong Village,Qingman Miao village,Lusheng Festival,Zhaoxing Dong Village

Tour Code: CCET-CFE-03

Day 1 October 30th Arrival in Guiyang

Arrive at Guiyang airport, meet your guide and transfer to hotel. If the time is enough, we will stroll around Jiaxiu Pavilion, which is the landmark building of Guiyang which has a history of more than 400 year.


Day 2 October 31st Guiyang - Anshun

You will be transferred to Anshun, the central town for the west of Guizhou Province for the largest waterfall- Huangguoshu Waterfall today. Today we will visit Huangguoshu Waterfall and Tianxingqiao Scenic Resort.


Day 3 November 1st Anshun ?Kaili

Today we will drive to Kaili. On the way, you will visit the Tianlong Village and Qinyang Ancient Stone Town. Tianlong Village is one of these ancient Tun-Bao settlements built during the reign of Emperor Hongwu by the descendants of the soldiers of the expeditionary troops of the Ming Dynasty, where locals still wear the old-style clothes of that time and keep most of the cultural traditions of the Ming Dynasty.


Day 4 2nd November Kaili

In the morning we will visit Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum. In the museum there has a quite detailed national minorities?customs of the southeastern areas of Guizhou Province. And then we will visit Nanhua Miao Village and Datang short skirt Miao Village.


Day 5 3rd November Kaili ?Huang Ping ?Kaili

In the morning we will visit Qingman Miao Village, which located 23 km southwest away from Kaili city. And then we will watch and enjoy Lusheng Festival. The heart stirring sounds of massed Lusheng instruments, the colors of Miao costume and many other festive activities such as dancing, singing, watching bull-fights, bird-fights and horse races, are features of Lusheng Festival held in Southeast Guizhou.

This tour will give you an opportunity to join this large annual celebration which is one of the biggest donkey roasts of Miao ethnic minority. In the middle afternoon, we will visit Shiqiao Miao Village to see its traditional way of making paper from the bark of mulberry tree. This method of making paper has a history of more than one thousand years; local people still keep it and extend to make color paper using different plants.


Day 6 4th November Kaili ?Rongjiang

Today, we will drive from Kaili to Rongjiang. On the way we will visit Sanbao Dong Village and Jidao Miao Village. Sanbao Dong village ssurrounded by more than 40 trees that are hundreds of years old.There are several hundred families in the village, most people surnamed Yang,and has a singing tradition. Almost all people in village can sing folk songs. Jidao Miao Village is set in idyllic surroundings and populated by ethnic Miao people. Village life is simple and children play as their parents tend fields of lush, organically grown vegetables surrounded by towering pine forests.


Day 7 5th November Rongjiang ?Congjiang ?Zhaoxing

Visit Basha, a small Miao village with very little signs of modern influence for Guizhou travel. The people rarely venture out of the village except for selling firewood and shopping for daily necessities in markets, and both men and women can be seen in traditional costumes, wearing their hair long. Yintan Dong People’s village built on the top of the mountain with its beautiful landscape. The Dong can be recognized by their turbans (for men), and pleated skirts (for women). They are also known for their architecture, particularly their drum towers, and Feng yuqiao (or wind and rain bridges), which are pavilions for sheltering people during bad weather. Two more hours drive will take us to Zhaoxing, one of the largest Dong villages in the region, with more than 700 households and a population of 4000.


Day 8 6th November Zhaoxing

In the morning we will visit Zhaoxing Dong People’s Village.

It is the largest and oldest Dong Village in China and world. In the afternoon, we will visit Tang An Dong Village. It offers a harmonious scene balancing nature and humanity. The village was built on a steep mountain slope overlooking terraced paddy fields. The village contains ancient wooden buildings, a traditional drum tower, theater stage, and gravel yard adjacent to some residential houses, and a well provided water supply.


Day 9 7th November Zhaoxing ?Guiyang

Today we will drive back to Guiyang. The rest time is free for you to explore this city, Guiyang.


Day 10 8th November Departure

Transfer you to the airport for your next stop.