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YourPosition: Home > Western Sichuan Folk Custom Tour

Western Sichuan Folk Custom Tour

Duration: 14

Destination: Chengdu, Danba, Bamei, Ganzi, Dege, Baiyu, Litang, Kangding

Highlights: Zhonglu Tibetan Village, Litang Chode Gompa, Scripture Print House, Gengqing Monastery, Baiyu Tibetan Town

Tour Code: SPT-23

Western Sichuan makes up a large chunk of what Tibetans refer to as Kham, one of old Tibet’s three traditional provinces. Soak yourself in the hills surrounding Daba contain clusters f fascinating ancient watchtowers and number of picturesque Tibetan villages, visit fascinating Tibetan monasteries and Scripture Printing House. But don’t forget the most beautiful view of Western Sichuan is on the way. Travel here takes you through vast grasslands dotted with Tibetan block homes and contentedly grazing yaks, while majestic peaks tower beyond.





Day 1__Arrival in Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu, which is called 'the Land of Abundance'. You will meet your guide at airport. And then we will visit Wide and Narrow Folk Alley. It’s used to be home to officials in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and among the city’s cultural heritage sites still intact today.


Day 2__Chengdu to Danba

Today we head west and passing underneath Erlang Shan head north, at the point of town of Luding and up to Dadu River, to arrive at town of Danba.

Danban: in Sichuan Province is famous for its watchtowers. Once in Danba, you could find watchtowers are scattered about the county. With unique architectural features, the watchtowers in Danba are more outstanding than the ones in other areas of northwestern Sichuan Province, where the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups live in compact communities.


Day 3__Danba

Today we will the whole day on visiting Zhonglu Tibetan Village.

Zhonglu Tibetan Village: is known as "the place which gods and people yearn for" in Tibetan, and has over a thousand years of history. The Tibetan-style houses in which the local people have lived for generations and stone watchtowers which have stood on mountain-tops for hundreds of years are all architectural features unique to Zhonglu Tibetan Village.


Day 4__Danba to Bamei

We head southwest to town of Baime, where Mt. Holy Yala is situated. Mt. Holy Yala is one of the four Holy Mounts in the Tibetan world. Overnight in Bamei.

Bamei: locates in the southeast edge of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and has an average altitude of 3,500 meters. Since ancient times, Bamei has been an important post in the Sichuan-Tibet tea and horse road and is an important gateway to Tibet. The splendid views of the vast stretched meadows and grassland, the winding and towering snow mountains and unique Tibetan villages and folk houses will bring you an unforgettable experience of extraordinary and unique scenery.


Day 5__Bamei to Ganzi

We head northwest to town of Ganzi along the road going through Great Snow Mountain. On the way we will pass Daofu, a town with feathered Tibetan houses. Night at Ganzi.

Ganzi: is located in western Sichuan Province, China. It is set amongst the scenic high alpine mountains of the province and it is historically part of the Tibetan region of Kham(ba) making the area interesting for both culture and landscape.


Day 6__Ganzi

Today we visit Ganzi Monastery (Kandze Monastery), which was built by one of the fifth Dalai Lama’s disciples in 1670’s. It once housed 1,500 monks making it, with Chamdo, the largest in Kham. The pilgrimage circuit around the monastery was almost eight kilometres long.




Day 7__Ganzi to Dege

Heading west again we arrive at Mani Gange. Night in Dege.

Mani Gange: a tiny Tibetan town. This tiny town is reputed as Cowboy City in West China for the men’s wild personalities in the town. Then we keep heading west to Dege after crossing Que’er Shan Pass at 5,055m above sea level.


Day 8__Dege

Today we will visit the scripture print house as well as Gengqing Monastery behind the print house. Night in Dege.

Dege Scripture Print House: well known for its rich, unique collections of Buddhist books and wood carved printing boards.  It is listed as one of the three most renowned printing centers in Tibet, then visit Gengqing Monastery (Sakyapa Order).

Gengqing Monastery: with 1200 history, it is the earliest Benbo sect monastery in Kham. During the most prosperous period, there were about 800 lamas in the middle of Qing Dynasty.


Day 9__Dege to Baiyu

Down to Jinsha River, the upriver of Yangtze River, we head south to town of Baiyu. Visit Baiyu Monastery. Night in Baiyu.

Baiyu Monastery: built in 1857, it is a Nyingmapa Buddhism monastery with much influence around the border between Tibet and Sichuan.


Day 10__ Baiyu to Ganzi

Today we will drive back to Ganzi. Overnight at Ganzi.


Day 11 Ganzi to Litang

Along the valley of the upriver of Yalong River, we will head south to Litang.

Litang Town: is located at an altitude of 4014m. It is on open grassland and surrounded by snow-capped mountains and is about 400 meters higher than Lhasa, making it one of the highest towns in the world.




Day 12 Litang to Kangding

Visit Litang Monastery Ker’er Si (Litang Chode Gompa) on the way to Kangding.

Litang Monastery Ker’er Si (Litang Chode Gompa): was a Tibetan Lamasery built for the 3rd Dalai Lama, now it is the largest monastery of the Gelukpa School in South-Kham.


Day 13 Kangding to Chengdu

After breakfast, we will drive back to Chengdu.


Day 14 Departure

Your 14-day Western Sichuan Tour is near the end. After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to your home.


The itinerary could be tailor made according to your personal request, please don’t hesitate to send an email to and let us know your ideas. We are pleased to help.