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YourPosition: Home > China Self-Drive Tour from Irkstan to Zhangmu

China Self-Drive Tour from Irkstan to Zhangmu

Duration: 17

Destination: Irkstan, Kashgar, Yecheng, Maza, Tielongtan, Rutok, Ali, Zanda, Zhongba, Lhaze, Mt. Everest Base Camp, Tinger, Zhangmu

Highlights: Kashgar Sunday Bazzar, Guge Kingdom Ruins, Mt. Kailash, Manasarovar Lake, Mt. Everest

Tour Code: CSD-01

Day 1 Enter China from Irkstan - Kashgar

Enter China from Irkastan. After dealing with related procedures, drive to Kashgar.


Day 2 Kashgar

In the morning we’ll visit Sunday Bazzar, which is renowned as the biggest market in Central Asia. It is actually active everyday but Sunday is the special day for sellers and buyers and the most busy and lively day for a visit. After that we will visit Id Kah Mosque and Abakh Hoja Tomb.


Day 3 Kashgar - Yecheng (Karghilik)

Kashgar is famous for the winding narrow streets of its historic old town. This morning we will pay a visit to Old Town. Old town demonstrates a fascinating architectural style of mud built houses with supporting wooden beams and beautifully carved wooden ceilings. In the afternoon, we will drive 251 km to Yecheng.


Day 4 Yecheng (Karghilik) - Maza

It takes 246 km drive from Yecheng to Maza. We will visit along the way.


Day 5 Maza ?Dahongliutan - Tielongtan

Today we will drive 360 km to Tielongtan and repare for the next day challenge. Xinjiang to Tibet is the most challenging road among all 4 roads to Tibet (from Sichuan to Tibet, Yunnan to Tibet, Qinghai to Tibet and Xinjiang to Tibet).


Day 6 Tielongtan - Jieshandaban (5600 m) - Songxi - Rutok

Today we will pass the highest point, Jieshandaban, which is 5600 meters above the sea level, and then drive to Rutong. Along the road, we will enjoy the breathtaking view in far west China most rural places.


Day 7 Rutok - Ali (Shiquanhe) - Zanda

This morning we will visit beautiful Bangongcuo Lake. After that we will drive to Zanda. It’s 350 km.


Day 8 Zanda - Mt. Kailash

After visit the famous Tuolin Monastery and mysterious Guge Kingdom Ruins. We will drive 220 km to Mt. Kailash.


Day 9 Mt. Kailash

Spend a whold day at Mt. Kailash.


Day 10 Mt. Kailash - Manasarovar Lake

Drive to Tibet holy lake, Manasarovar Lake. For Tibetan people, Manasarovara is the lake of compassion, tranquility and bliss.


Day 11 Manasarovar Lake - Zhongba

Today we will say goodbye to Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake, and drive 320 km to Zhongba. And prepare for our Mt. Everest tour.


Day 12 Zhongba - Lhaze

It’s a long driving day. Totally we will drive 495 km to Lhaze along the grand plateau.


Day 13 Lhaze - Tinger - Mt. Everest Collection

It rides 240 km to Mt. Everest. But the road is not so good today. Anyway we will face another highlight in this tour, Mt. Everest.


Day 14 Mt. Everest Collection - Tinger

Why not get up early and appreciate the sunrise with Mt. Everest as a background at the Base Camp? That’s must be very impressive! Let’s finger cross for good weather. After that we will visit Rongphu Monastery, the highest monastery in the world. And then we will drive back to Tinger.


Day 15 Tingri ?Nyalam - Zhangmu

It rides 260 km from Tingri to Zhangmu. Upon arrival, we should prepare for the exit.


Day 16 Zhangmu

A spare day.


Day 17 Exit China

Exit China from Zhangmu.



This is our sample schedule. If you have any idea, question or personal preference, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are very pleased to hear from you. Mail us, we will customized an itinerary for you.