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YourPosition: Home > Dali and Gaoligongshan Birdwatching Tour in Yunnan

Dali and Gaoligongshan Birdwatching Tour in Yunnan

Duration: 12

Destination: Kunming, Zixishan, Dali, Baoshan, Gaoligongshan, Baihualing

Highlights: Birds possible 100-200 species

Tour Code: ECO-CBW-14

Birding tour in Southwest Yunnan

In China, there are about 1300 species of birds. Due to its special geological location and multi-climate conditions, Yunnan is a province with 802 species of birds recorded, account for about 64% of China's total species, about 9% of the World wide species.


Yunnan  locate at the junction between Qinghai-Tibetan Highland in the north and the middle east peninsula in the south, with it's quite complex & special topographies and climates, diverse natural environment as well as rich biodiversities, there are 18 species of National Protected Birds as category 1st, and 118 species of category 2nd in Yunnan. As to species number (802), Yunnan is No.1 in China, and more above the 2nd Sichuan (628 species of birds).


Yunnan holds two main migration routes for the birds across Yunnan: One from Sichuan Basin down to the south along the valley to Jinsha River (upstream of Yangtze River); another from Qinghai-Tibetan Highland to down along the Henduan Mountain range, then to the south by Ailo Mountain and Red River Valley. In spring, birds fly to the north for breeding and in autumn migrates to the warm  north for winter, some fly through Yunnan and some wintering in Yunnan.


Best season is from March to April.



Day 1 Arrive in Kunming

Your arrival in Kunming, be met at Kunming airport, and then we will check in. Overnight in Kunming.


Day 2 Kunming to Zixishan

Morning birding in Kunming around Qiongzu Temple (7km), after lunch we will drive to Zixishan Reserve (200km). Overnight in Zixishan Reserve.


Day 3 Zixishan Reserve

A whole day birding in Zixishan Reserve, a good place for Giant Nuthatch, Yunnan Nuthatch, Tree creeper, Ms Hume’s pheasants! Overnight in Zixishan Reserve.


Day 4 Zixishan to Dali

After morning birding in Zixishan, we will drive to Dali in the afternoon. Overnight in Dali.


Day 5 Dali

Birdwatching in Mt. Cangshan in the morning, A good opportunity to see Lady Amhersts, fire-tailed sunbirds and blood pheasant at 3100m elevation in the morning. In the afternoon, we will do bird watching in the farmland. Overnight in Dali.


Day 6 Dali to Gaoligongshan Nature Reserve

After morning birding in Cangshan, Drive to Mt.Gaoligongshan (280km). Overnight at Baihualing in Gaoligongshan N.R.


Day 7 - 9 Gaoligongshan N.R.

Three whole days birdwatching in Gaoligongshan. Overnight in Baihualing


Birds at Baihualing include Sclater’s Monal (high elevations only), Silver and Mrs. Hume’s Pheasants, Stripe-breasted Woodpecker, Ward’s Trogon (rare), Brown Wood Owl, Hodgson’s Frogmouth, White-bellied Green Pigeon, Long-tailed Broadbill, White-winged Magpie (rare), three species of shortwing including Gould’s, Chestnut-vented Nuthatch, Spotted, Grey-sided, Blue-winged, Scaly and Red-tailed Laughingthrushes, Coral and Slender-billed Scimitar Babblers, Grey-bellied Wren Babbler, Black-headed Shrike Babbler, Yellow-throated Fulvetta and Beautiful Sibia. Arguably Baihualing’s greatest avian attraction however is Cachar Wedge-billed Wren, a species that’s not uncommon here. Dark-rumped Swift has even been reported here.


Day 10 Gaoligongshan N.R. to Bawan

After morning birding in Baihualing, we will frive to Bawan at the foot of Gaoligongshan, birding on the way. Evening bird watching for tropic birds along the Nujiang River in the valley and farmland. Overnight in Bawan


Day 11 Bawan to Kunming

Today we will drive back to Kunming. After birding tour in wild, this afternoon is at your leisure.

Option: You could take a flight from Baoshan to Kunming. It takes about 1 hour by air.


Day 12 Departure

Today 12 Days Dali and Gaoligongshan Birdwatching Tour in Yunnan is near the end. You’ll take flight back to your home. Welcome back any time.



The itinerary could be tailor made. If you have any idea or question, please feel free to mail us It’s pleased to help.