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YourPosition: Home > Tracking Wild Pandas Tour

Tracking Wild Pandas Tour

Duration: 12

Destination: Xian, Yangxian

Highlights: Wild panda, Golden Snub-nosed Monkey, Crested Ibis

Tour Code: ECO-CWL-01

High in dense bamboo forests in the misty, rainy mountains of southwestern China lives one of world’s rarest mammals: the Giant Panda. Yet today the future of the Giant Panda is particularly fragile. This peaceful, bamboo-eating member of the bear family faces a number of threats. Its forest habitat, in the mountainous areas of southwest China, is fragmented and Giant Panda populations are small and isolated from each other. Meanwhile, poaching remains an ever-present threat. The Chinese Government has created over 50 panda reserves protecting more than 10,400km² and yet despite these efforts there are estimated to be less than 1,600 Giant Pandas left on earth.


It is pity that Wolong Panda Reserve is still on construction after 2008 earthquake, we offer tracking a wild panda tour in Qinling Nature Reserves such as Foping Nature Reserve and Changqing Nature Reserve. Besides Wolong, Qinling Nature Reserves is the best choice for tracking a wild giant panda. Qinling Mountains has the high density of wild Giant Pandas recorded. Please join Panda China Tour for an amazing expedition into the heart of the natural habitat of this enigmatic species. The path into the station is an easy walk, but everyone should be in good physical condition as some days the tracking may be quite difficult. Indeed, if you wish to join this trip you should be able to walk up and down sometimes slippery terrain, the trails can be quite steep and scrambling up or down snow-covered slopes may be necessary.


Please note: We hope to encounter wild Giant Pandas on this trip, however sightings of wild Pandas cannot be guaranteed. This is a trip to see Pandas in the wild, but not the captive 'sanctuaries'.


Best season: November to next March

November is the best month, when first snow has fallen Pandas come down from the higher elevations in search of food. The Pandas are easier to track in fresh snow.



Day 1 Arrive in Xi’an

You will be met at the airport. And then you will be driven to your hotel. In the afternoon we will visit the famed Terra-Cotta Warriors Museum, with visits to Pit 1, Pit 2 and Pit 3, and the Chariot Museum. We will drive back to Xi’an in the later afternoon and enjoy a welcome dinner this evening.


Day 2 Xi’an

Your Xi’an city tour starts from the Big Goose Pagoda. It is Xi’an’s most famous landmark. One of China’s best examples of a Tang-style pagoda, it was completed in AD 652 to house the Buddhist sutras brought back from India by the monk Xuan Zang. After that you will visit and the Old City Wall. Built in 1370 during Ming Dynasty, the 12m-high walls are surrounded by a dry moat and form a rectangle with a perimeter of 14km. Afternoon is at your own leisure.


Day 3 Xi’an to Yangxian

After breakfast, we will drive to Yangxian. Arrive at Yangxian at midday (from Xian City) and enjoy a lunch at our Bureau and visit our wildlife information centre. In the afternoon we will drive to the village of Huayang deep in the Qinling Mountains. Huayang Village is located next to Changqing National Nature Reserve and is a beautiful rural village. This afternoon we will go on a tour of the Village, visiting the ancient old street, the lookout overlooking the Village and finish up watching the Crested Ibis fly into roost. Dinner will consist of local delicious produce. We plan to spend the next week here, tracking wild Pandas each day, with the hope of encountering Giant Pandas in-the-wild.


Day 4-10 A Qingling Nature Reserve

Do Panda tracking. Each day we plan to go out in the Reserve with our team of trackers and guides in search of wild Giant Pandas and of course some of the other wildlife found in the area, such as Golden Takin, Asiatic Brown Bear, the elusive Golden snub-nosed monkeys and a wealth of birdlife, including Crested Ibis, pheasants and tragopans.


Day 11 Yangxian to Xi’an

Today we will say goodbye to the Nature Reserve. After breakfast we drive back to Xi An and civilization! Tonight we have our dumpling banquet as the farewell dinner.


Day 12 Departure

12 Days in search of wild pandas tracking tour is near the end. You will be transferred to the airport for your flight. Welcome back any time!



We are very sorry that the nature reserves are closed to tourists through the whole of 2014. Thus we cannot arrange Tracking Wild Pandas Tour for you in this year. We are sincerely sorry for that. However, if you are interested in this tour and willing to get updates, please mail us through We will record your request on the List. When the nature reserves reopen, we will contact you. And we will keep you know updates.