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YourPosition: Home > Chengdu Panda and Cycle in Old Chengdu

Chengdu Panda and Cycle in Old Chengdu

Duration: 1

Destination: Chengdu

Highlights: Panda Breeding Centre, cycle in real and old Chengdu with lanes and streets

Tour Code: SPT-24

Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province, with the history of over 2000 years old. It has been the ancestral homeland to giant pandas since ancient times. Fossil records indicate pandas inhabited this area as recently as 4000 years ago. During the tour, morning time you will visit Chengdu Panda Breeding Centre. Afternoon you will get to know this city on cycling. You can slowly pass by the street and observe this city carefully. A guide can assist cycling arrange, lead the direction, be helpful during the day etc. You will know an authentic Chengdu along the riding route linked several sites. Then you might find out the reason why you love this city. Or, just like us don’t need any particular reason. 




Morning tour to Chengdu Panda Base

Get up earlier in the morning, then by public transfer of bus/taxi to Chengdu Panda Base and have lunch around there. Then back to urban areas and ready for cycling tour in the afternoon.


Afternoon explore Chengdu on bicycle

Old streets and NEW old streets (The starting point)

The Wide and Narrow Lane, relics of the Manchu garrison since 1718, as one of the symbol of old Chengdu at before, and it was rebuilt in June 2008 after the earthquake. Then focus of bars, restaurants and tea houses and try to be as "lobby of the leisure capital of Chengdu." But it’s glad there are still some old lanes nearby the “hot��?one with original flavor.




Old river and New river (then along)

Fuhe River and Nanhe River, two branches flow into one finally and cross the whole city as the mother river of Chengdu of this history over 2000 years. It should have a lot past. Anyway, after the improvement project from 1992-1997, much better environment is provided to us. Nowadays people also call it Jinjiang River.

Old culture and New Building (The end point)

Sichuan University is as the largest one in Chengdu carried much changing during years. Modern buildings were established but its good there still keeps some old, like the admin building (The Red Building), and the lotus pool. It’s also famous of the Sichuan University Museum, which has a small but strong collection of artifacts in the fields of ethnology, folklore and traditional art.


Options in Chengdu: Tianfu Square, People’s Park, Bamboo Park (Wangjiang Park) and Jinli Street etc.


This route is supposed guests already arrive in Chengdu before and will exit Chengdu by their own plan. If you need Panda China Tour arrange the arrival day and leaving day, please contact us We are pleased to help.