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2016 April Guizhou Sisters Meal Festival

Guizhou is located in the southwest China. A much-quoted proverb has it as a place “without three li of flat land, three days of fine weather, or three cents to rub together. You will see clouds more often than the sun. The upside is that there is plenty of elbow room out in the simply stunning countryside, a subline mis of undulating hills and carpets of forest. Almost 37% of the province’s population is made up of over 18 ethnic minorities including Miao, Dong, Yao and Yi etc. They all contribute to social butterfly calendar, such as Sister Meal Festival. Welcome to exotic Guizhou!



Breakfast=B, Lunch=L, Dinner=D



Day 1__Wednesday, 19th April 2016  Arrive in Guiyang   D

All participants will arrive in the capital city Guiyang at the same time. Your guide will meet you at Guiyang airport. And then you will be transferred to your hotel. After check in the hotel, rest time is at your leisure.

1-night stay at 5* Pullman Hotel or similar


Day 2__Thursday, 20th April 2016  Guiyang to Zhenyuan   B, L, D

After breakfast we will drive about 5 hours to Zhenyuan Ancient Town.

Zhenyuan Ancient Town has long been an ancient town of the Miao people. Its long history endows the town with many rich and generous culture relics. Upon arrival, you will visit Zhenyuan Ancient Town including Qinglong Cave and old alleys.



Qinglong Cave is known as its multi-storied pavilions, temples, shrines and palace. It’s a wonderful masterpiece of human beings combining the nature items and man-made temples. Surviving a couple of wars, the Cave was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and its current shae is the result of several renovations.


2-night stay at 3* Zhenyuan Hotel or similar


Day 3__Friday, 21st April 2016  Sister Meal Festival   B, L, D

After breakfast, we will drive about 1.5 hour to Laotun village for Sister Meal Festival. This morning you will visit a local family. You will have chance to see the way they wear their festival clothes and prepare food for family members. Different family has different way. Right now we have not sure which family you will visit. So we cannot guarantee what kind of activity you will meet in the family visiting.

Afternoon it’s the carnival of the festival. Miao people will have a big dancing and singing village ‘party'. Enjoy yourselves!




Sister Meal Festival is regarded as the oldest Asian Valentine’s Day. At festival time, the Miao girls all dressed up in their holiday best with startling silver headdresses, crowns, and neck rinks gather together by the river banks to prepare their "sisters' rice". The rice is dyed blue, pink, yellow, and white to represent spring, summer, autumn and winter respectively. When the young men arrive they begin to single out the women they hope to marry someday and begin to sing for them. The young women respond to their songs by giving them a drink of rice wine and the sisters' rice wrapped in handkerchiefs with different symbols on them. A pair of red chopsticks means "I love you too"; one chopstick means, "no, thank you"; a garlic or red chili indicates a flat refusal; and pine needles indicate that the boy should present silks and colorful threads and that she will wait for him. There are also many other activities, including bullfighting, traditional Miao performances and Lusheng (a reed instrument) music.



Day 4__Saturday, 22nd April 2016  Zhenyuan to Shidong to Xijiang   B, L, D

Morning in Zhenyuan Old Town. After lunch we will drive to Shidong for Sister Meal Festival. Today people will celebrate the Festival at Shidong. Around 16:00 we will drive to Xijiang Qianhu (Thousand) Miao People’s Village.


Xijiang Qianhu Miao People’s Village is thought to be the largest Miao village and is well known for its embroidery and sliver ornaments. It’s one of those treasures - paddies, mists, wooden houses, water buffalo and the works.


1-night stay at Xijiang Mulou (Wood) Inn or similar


Day 5__Sunday, 23rd April 2016  Xijiang to Kaili   B, L, D

When the sun is shining, Xijiang is simply idyllic. Head away from the village on the paths that weave their way through the rice paddies, side stepping the farmers and water buffalo, and recharge your soul in the surrounding hills. After breakfast you will do photography in the village. And you will watch Miao People’s Dancing and Sing Performance around 11:30.


After lunch, we will drive to Datang Miao People’s Village. In this village you will have chance to take picture of Miao People’s granaries above the water and Short-skirt Miao. After that we will drive another 40 minutes to Kaili.


Datang Miao People is well known because of the distinctive style of dress worn by Miao females in the village. The most amazing thing about this is that the females of Datang Miao People Village wear this extremely short skirt all year round, even in freezing winter.


2-night stay at 4* Kaili Hotel or similar


Day 6__Monday, 24th April 2016  Kaili   B, L, D

After breakfast, we will drive about 3.5 hours to Zhaoxing Dong People’s Village. Drum tower, Rain/Wind Bridge and local Dong People’s daily life are all good materials for photography. Around 17:00 we will watch Dong People’s Performance.




Zhaoxing Dong People’s Village is one of the largest Dong People’s villages in China. And it is renowned for its drum towers, which are unique to China. Therefore, the village is praised as the land of the drum towers.


1-night stay at Zhaoxing Inn or similar


Day 7__Thuesday, 25th April 2016  Zhaoxing to Congjiang   B, L, D

Morning time is a good time for watching this village wake up. Around 11:00 we will drive to Congjiang. After lunch we will visit Basha Miao People’s Village, the last gunmen tribe of China. You will have chance to see their unique hair-cutting with sickle and their performance.


Basha is a very special and old Miao ethnic village, and is virtually untouched by modernization. Basha residents still live in their wooden houses, practice centuries-old customs and have their own unique beliefs. Still today the men in Basha preserve their musketeer heritage, which makes Basha the only tribe that can legally carry real guns in China. A strong sense of precaution inherited from their ancestors keeps this village isolated from the outside world. The villagers lead a self-sufficient life in the hilly areas and retain the dressing and living customs hundreds of years ago.




Basha men are also famous for their unique hairstyles. Basha men wear their long hair in braids. They attach great importance to their hair bun, which they believe is a symbol of masculinity, as well as an emblem of power. This hairstyle is existed for thousands of years. Young boys have to take part in a shaving ceremony between the ages of seven and fifteen. The tribe leader wets a sickle with the water used to boil eggs, and shaves off all of the boy's hair except for the central part, which is coiled into a bun. The blade caresses the scalp, and patches of hair fall to the ground. This shave is done without any shaving cream, or even a rinse. Boys get their first haircuts as a rite of passage, and then are given a hunting rifle at the age of 15 as a sign that they've become adults.


1-night stay at 3* Congjiang Hotel or similar


Day 8__Wednesday, 26th April 2016  Congjiang to Jiabang   B, L, D

After breakfast, we will drive about 3 hours to Jiabang Terraces site. In Jiabang, the picturesque natural scenery of rice terraces is combined with the peaceful and unique wooden Miao houses. Rest time is for photograph the landscape.

1-night stay at Jiache Village Guesthouse or similar


Day 9__Thursday, 27th April 2016  Jiabang   B, L, D

A whole day explore in Jiabang.




The Jiabang Rice Terraces: were cut from the hill terrain in, with hundreds of layers. You can appreciate mirror-like terraces in spring, verdant terraces in summer, and gold terraces in autumn. The wet weather gifts Jiabang Rice Terraces mysterious scenery with cloud and mist almost every early morning.

1-night stay at Jiache Village Guesthouse or similar


Day 10__Friday, 28th April 2016  Jiabang to Rongjiang   B, L, D

This morning you will visit another terraces between Jiajiu and Tingdong. It’s different with Jiabang one and more magnificent. Lunch is packed food. In the late afternoon, we will drive to Rongjiang.

1-night stay at 3* Rongjiang Hotel or similar


Day 11__ Saturday, 29th April 2016  Rongjiang to Guiyang   B, L

After breakfast you will visit old banyan tree group. And then we will drive 3 hours back to Guiyang for your departure flight.


Tour rate is USD2000 per person


Included Service:

1.     All accommodation as listed in the itinerary. Two people share a twin room.

2.     10 breakfasts, 10 Lunches and 10 dinners.

3.     Private transfer between airport, hotels and tour sites from Day 2 to Day 11.

4.     English-speaking guide.

5.     Tour site entrance tickets.

6.     Local dancing show and special performances mentioned in the itinerary.



Group size is from 6-12 participants. We promise that maximum 12 people in a group. Please don’t hesitate to email for more information. Email: